V Masks

v MasksWhat is the V Masks Vendetta? Well it’s about a lot more than the symbolic Guy Fawkes face or a film called V for Vendetta for a start, (although that is a classic movie and before that a comic book, with a truly wicked plot and an awesome climax).
V Masks have now become a sign of resistance all round the world, including United States

It’s a nice way of saying ‘Enough’s enough, time for change’

Oh yeah, and it works really well at hiding your true identity…

The V Masks Vendetta

v for vendetta maskAnd it’s even bigger than an Anonymous bunch of hackers who don’t get on with the Scientologists, (Am I still allowed to say that word on the internet or will I get sued? Anyway those guys are pretty awesome too. Anonymous I mean, not the Scientolgists, they’re nuts. Can I say that? Will I be erased?)

Who cares. Now they can see us coming, but they can’t see who we are…

Just like in the film more and more of us are following V’s example by masking up to show our despair and rage at a system that puts basic human rights behind profit and greed.

Why V Masks Vendetta ?

Because the only problem is, that each time we buy a V Mask on Amazon or eBay, the biggest effect we’re having on the capitalist state is to make it a little bit richer, by stuffing a few more dollars pounds or euros into their already full pockets.

That’s a real shame, because V Masks aren’t really their property. You see it’s actually a Guy Fawkes mask, used by the hero of V for Vendetta to disguise his true identity. And they’ve only become known recently as V Masks, although I think we like that name now. It kind of fits.

So to get our own back on those nasty corporate types we hatched an evil plan, to get some of our money back and redistribute it in the form of some cheap

So is born The V Masks Vendetta

Because heck, these masks look good.
Especially if you’re planning a city break sometime soon (We hear London, Washington and New York are popular this year)

And while V Masks are all the rage right now, we’re anticipating an accompanying hat and cape – the full V for Vendetta costume – will be a must have for costume balls, occupations and brave new worlders as we head into the 2012 summer season.

Devastatingly dapper and devilishly daring, a V for Vendetta costume will keep you warm at night, as you sip hot chocolate by the camp fire, pass round exotic cigarettes and stare up at the office traders working late, but you’ll equally cut a dash at society balls and fancy dress parties.

Plus, with your V costume cleverly concealing your true identity, and one of our V Masks revealing nothing of your true intentions, no-one will ever know you’re not an evil anarchist, planning the civilization of downfall. Who knows, maybe you are. (Think about that last one just for a minute…)

So whether it’s a V Mask for a day trip of banner waving, or a full on assault on the capitalist system, (in which case we really do recommend the full V for Vendetta costume, a flask and some thermal underwear) we’ve got you covered comrades.

Along the left side of this page, and over on our store page, are a bunch of V Masks that make a great souvenir if you’re a fan of the film or plan on bringing down the financial system any time soon.


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